Growing Greener with Each Year

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Garden surprises are sometimes fun. For example, the unexpected volunteers from the compost that bring a bumper crop of butternut squash or an already hardened tomato seedling or two. Other surprises call for creativity, and a Plan B, or simply more work as we start over. I find that I revisit the garden catalog or reference book, or turn to quiet observation to know what to do next. I also work with a host of experienced gardeners here at Ogden Publications; across all of our departments are people who inspire a can-do attitude and community connection through personal and professional interest in self-sufficiency, homesteading, old farm machinery, classic motorcycles, and heirloom plants.

As a company, we’re committed to being active, positive members of those communities we help foster. It’s rather easy for me to get help when my gardening surprises turn out to be more of a challenge than fun. Both of my thumbs are greener as a result.

Ogden Publications is growing greener too. We’re preparing a new business paradigm that we think will better serve our communities, and make us more sustainable, as a business, in the process. Beginning sometime in 2019, likely in the first half of the year, we’ll embark on a new mission where we no longer look at ourselves as a magazine and events business, but instead as a truly community-inspiring wellspring that feeds and is fed by an enthusiastic, engaged community of individuals. And so, in the future, you won’t simply subscribe to one or more of our magazines; you’ll instead choose a membership in one or more of our communities.

Oh, don’t worry, you’ll receive the magazines in the mail as before, but for the same price as a subscription, you’ll also receive full access to our soon-to-be-gated websites; exclusive access to premium content, such as podcasts and videos; fixed discounts on books and other goods in our store; reduced prices at events and access to some members-only components at those events; and more, as the benefits package is still being built. What unexpected growth has come to your garden lately? Let me know what surprises you this spring. Send your stories to

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