SeedLinked Is Social Media for Gardeners

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A new social networking platform designed by and for seed growers and gardeners promises to make finding heirloom seeds even easier. Photo by Adobe Stock/coco.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could connect with other plant breeders or gardeners independent of Facebook? SeedLinked provides that very platform! Half of the site’s co-founding team are avid gardeners and plant breeders, so you can rest assured that SeedLinked was built and designed specifically for folks like you in mind.

Breeders can offer know-how, information, and even seeds to the niche audience they’re looking for. Meanwhile, growers and gardeners provide networking, regional knowledge, feedback about certain cultivars, and, of course, land. The whole platform functions as a specialized place for people on both sides of heirloom gardening to expand, grow, and open themselves to new opportunities — and crops!

If you decide to sell your seeds on the SeedLinked marketplace, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s no monthly fee to join — the only charge that’s ever processed is a 10 percent transaction fee. If that seems high, consider this: All users have free access to SeedLinked’s data, including data on different cultivars linked to United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zones; the ability to interact with customers; product insight to help you develop your breeding program; and even participatory testing utilizing the Tricot Statistical Model.

If you’re more inclined to purchase than purvey, then you’re in for a treat. With some basic information about your region, you’re linked to seeds that are best suited to your climate. Then, once you begin growing, you’ll be able to track your plants and set planting and harvest dates, making it easy to manage your garden. You can share photos and connect with other users, review cultivars, and even join testing projects to evaluate new cultivars.

Signing up is easy, too! Simply go to SeedLinked and create a new account. Then, if you’re keen on selling, list your offerings and add a payment method. Once your shop has been approved, you’ll be cleared to start trading with other growers and gardeners.

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