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The wire bottom on this basket makes cleaning produce a breeze, hose it off in the basket and the water will drain out.
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These handmade soaps can be used to repel bugs or clean up after a hard day in the garden.
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This handcrafted crock can be used to make yogurt, sourdough or kombucha.
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For the perfect salad topping try these seasoning blends!
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Breathable fabric pots provide a healthy environment for roots to grow with easy drainage.
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Wear these comfortable pants when you spend a long day in the garden.
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There are very few situations where this multi-tool would not come in handy.
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Rare and tropical plants like this cocoa plant will spice up your garden!

Crafted from History

The Burlin Basket, respectfully named after the maker’s deceased father, is a garden harvesting basket handcrafted on a small farm in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina by Millie and Myron Higdon. The basket’s design allows you to easily gather and hose off your harvested fruits and vegetables prior to bringing them indoors. The handles and side rails are made from old tobacco sticks garnered from the family barn, making each basket a one-of-a-kind piece. Non-toxic food grade mineral oil has been applied to the wood to help prevent water absorption and maintain the integrity of the wood. The wire mesh is made from weather-resistant galvanized steel. This basket will hold more than 10 lbs. of produce. 
Etsy Shop: Inspirations From Nature; Prices vary

Essential Soap for Summer

Handcrafted by Susan Knapp in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania, these essential soaps are made from olive, coconut, and palm oils plus shea butter, and pure essential oils; some contain organically grown botanicals, natural earth pigments, or natural exfoliants. She also makes a special “Bug-Go” soap and spray, as well as “Gardner’s Hand Soap” for those of us who practically live outdoors all summer.  
Shown are 4-ounce bars of Poison Ivy, Working Hands, and Aloe Vera soaps; Teels Hill Soapworks, 610-863-3385; $4.75

Let it Ferment

This sturdy, handmade ceramic crock with an etched blessing, made by Licia Lucas-Pfadt of Three Forks, Montana, can be used for fermenting sourdough, vinegar, kefir, kombucha, or yogurt. It has a perfect ridge at top for placing a rubber band around some cheesecloth (included with a purchase). Licia makes all her glazes from scratch in her studio and they’re food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe. This crock measures approximately 7 inches in diameter and is 4-1/2 inches tall; will hold about 6 cups. 
Etsy Shop: Shady Grove Pottery; Prices vary

Easy as Spice

Making your own salad dressing is easy to begin with, but just got even easier with Wisconsin-based Penzeys salad seasonings. A pure mix of dried herbs, all you do is add oil and vinegar or dairy and you’ve got delicious dressings that are far better than anything off the supermarket shelves. Each seasoning blend is flexible when it comes to the additions so you can control fat and calorie content and mix up dressing to your taste. Blends include Buttermilk Ranch, Country French Vinaigrette, Creamy Peppercorn, Greek, Green Goddess, Italian, and Salsa — ideal for summer garden veggies. 
Penzeys, 800-741-7787; $2.99 and up


Made in Northern California, Geopots are crafted of breathable fabric that “air prunes” the plant’s roots when they reach the container’s edges. The porous fabric allows air into the root zone and provides excellent drainage, creating a healthy environment for the roots. Geopots are stitched along the edges with bonded polyester thread that’s waterproof and UV resistant, so these pots can be used over and over for years. Available in sizes from 1/2 gallon to 400 gallons. 
Geopot with handles; Geopot, 800-681-1757; $3.39 and up

These Pants Were Made for Gardening

These comfy, baggy pants were designed just for gardeners: a crotch gusset for freedom of movement while bending and kneeling, and interior knee pads (sold seperately) that make scrounging around in the dirt no problem. The nylon material resists water, dirt, and stains, and has a UPF of 50+. The elastic waistband keeps you comfortable and a cell phone welt pocket keeps your lifeline handy (important for posting those garden-fresh shots on Facebook!). 
Gardening Pants for women; Duluth Trading Company, 800-505-8888; Prices vary

Don’t Leave Home Without It

This garden multi-tool is sized just right for all kinds of garden chores. The medium-sized pruning shears are 7-3/4 inch overall with a 2 inch blade. The grips contain a variety of handy accessories that make harvesting ripe veggies a cinch. 
Rugged Garden Multi-tool; Garrett Wade, 800-221-2942; $24.95

Rare & Unusual Plants

Logee’s of Danielson, Connecticut, began in 1892 as one man’s dream, and has grown and blossomed to become a world-famous source for fruiting, rare and tropical plants. The family business — now run by the founder’s grandson, Byron E. Martin, and his business partner Laurelynn G. Martin — specializes in tropical fruit-producing and flowering container plants for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Logee’s grows over 1,500 varieties of plants, of which more than 100 are edible — including coffee, cacao, papaya, vanilla, black pepper, and 30 varieties of citrus including Kaffir lime. 
Cocoa (Theobroma cacao), is shipped in a 4″ terra cotta-style plastic pot; Logee’s, (888) 330-8038; $39.95
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