The Great Colorful Tomato Challenge of 2018


This year we grew out a bunch of colorful tomatoes in our Victory Gardener grow out patch. We decided to grow a bunch of different types of colorful tomatoes and see which one was the best. we chose the cultivars based on experience, rumor, name and look.


Colorful tomatoes are a new comer to the game. They are being created as fast as they can be. People like the variety, the look and the effect these colorful tomatoes have on the plate. 

  • Colorful tomatoes look fantastic in a salad and in most dishes.
  • Colorful tomatoes come in all sorts of sizes and shapes to compliment your cooking.
  • Kids like to see the colors and it encourages them to try the fruit.

The Colorful tomatoes are making a big splash with all sorts of different ones available. Each year I hear about more colorful tomatoes that are supposed to be the best.  Some of them are variegated containing several colors in one tomato. Other colorful tomatoes are dominated by one color that is out of the ordinary. I find that deep colored tomatoes can take a while to reach their full color and maturity. If it is your first time growing a colorful tomato it might be hard to know when it is ripe. Getting it right with colorful tomatoes takes time and effort. Hopefully this review will help you know a little more about some of them. 

We planted the following 7 Colorful Tomatoes this year: 

  • Hillbilly
  • Berkeley Tie Dye
  • Blue Berry
  • Indigo Apple
  • Black Beauty
  • White Tomesol
  • Green Zebra

Results from Worst to Best:   

Green Zebra: Unfortunately, our Green Zebra did not make it to fruit. It seemed to be doing really well from seed to plant. Upon transplant it took off and put out some good foliage. Then it just died.  It just gave it up and died rather quickly. Not sure what killed it, but we did not get a single tomato.

Berkeley Tie Dye: I had high hopes for this tomato due to its name and the color variations it was supposed to have. However, unfortunately this plant did not do well. It grew into an interesting small tight bush. It got lots of curling big leaves and seemed to be doing well. Then it just died. We did not get to taste it. I will try them again next year. 

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