Heirloom Gardener’s Future with Ogden Publications

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Dear Readers,

For the past thirteen years it has been our unbelievable pleasure to have the opportunity to bring you stories about the most important issues in the world of gardening. When we started this publication in 2003, we never would have guessed where we would be today. So many aspects of our lives have grown over these years. When the Gettles aren’t busy raising their two beautiful daughters, they’re working hard to meet the growing demands of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. After so many years and thousands of pages of stories about your favorite gardening topics, it is with a great deal of pride that we feel it’s time to for our little magazine have a new home.

We put a lot of work into finding a place where we think the Heirloom Gardener will be able to carry forth its mission to bring you all the most dynamic gardening stories from around the world. After a great deal of deliberation and many conversations with potential candidates, we are thrilled to tell you that Ogden Publications will be the new home of the Heirloom Gardener.

We have had a close relationship with the good people at Ogden over the course of the publication of the Heirloom Gardener. We are certain that they are up to the task of elevating the magazine to new levels that will bring you even more of the great content you have come to expect from this publication.

We want to thank you for coming along with us on this wild ride for all of these years, and we hope that you will continue reading the Heirloom Gardener to see the wonderful things our friends at Ogden have in store for our faithful readers. I know myself, the Gettles, and the rest of the staff here at Baker Creek will be anxiously awaiting our copies. Wishing you bountiful harvests for years to come!

Mother Earth Gardener
Mother Earth Gardener
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