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Fermenting Fresh Herbs

Last year, I realized that I simply can’t eat enough homemade pesto. I love spreading it on fresh bread, dipping veggies in it, using it in homemade salad dressings, and more. It’s particularly uplifting in the middle of winter, when its tangy flavor brings back memories of the warm summer ...

Best Cucumbers for Crunchy Pickles

If you’ve ever made pickles at home, then you know that sometimes you find yourself face-to-face with a batch that lacks a satisfactory “crunch.” And a pickle without a hardy crunch is as disappointing as a mealy peach or a bunch of over-cooked asparagus — I’ll pass. Making ...

5 Fabulous Ferments

Have you gotten on the fermentation bandwagon? Ferments are a great way to preserve produce, and the only method that actually increases their nutritional value.Say what??? Can anything be better than fresh, raw veggies right out of the garden? Why yes! Actually, ferments are high in beneficial ...

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