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Grandmother Never Threw Anything Away

 We had one glorious glimpse of spring yesterday. This reluctant gardener was suddenly eager to get going on a project as was my husband, the person who really makes everything happen. I had tried to winter over the strawberries from the hydroponic set-up by tucking them into class-covered ...

Shades of Blue

Shades of blue are obtained from an indigo-dye pot by successively dipping, exposing to air, and re-dipping wool. The lightest of these skeins was barely in the dye pot – less than 30 seconds. You can also plan to do your darker blues first, when the dye pot is the fresh. Photo by Elizabeth ...

Why I Garden

Clearing out our family’s early 19th century farmhouse for a renovation into a shared family gathering place was daunting work – my family had occupied this house for five generations, then the house had sat unoccupied for about thirty years. The first major hurdle was the cellar, accessed ...

Mother Earth Gardener

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