Heirloom Gardener Summer 2017

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The ‘Fish’ Pepper: A Vivid History
The nearly lost ‘Fish’ pepper, named for its use in seafood dishes, makes its way back into gardens and kitchens.

Profitable, Small-Scale Flower Farming
Cut flowers are one of the highest-grossing crops per acre. Create a debt-free farm and surround yourself with beauty by following this expert advice.

Grow Goji Berries
These little berries are expensive to buy, so growing goji will bring you valuable fruit throughout the season.

How to Save Seeds from Biennial Plants
Take your seed-saving know-how to the next level by learning how to keep seeds from open-pollinated biennials, including beets and Swiss chard.

The Herbal Academy: Educating Budding Herbalists
Learn the art and science of plant medicine from anywhere in the world.


Fruit Walls: Urban Farming in the 1600s
For centuries before modern greenhouse glass, urban farmers harvested solar energy using walls with thermal mass.

A-Maize-ing Maize: The History of Corn
Corn was domesticated nearly 9,000 years ago and has a rich history throughout the Americas.

How to Braid Garlic
Beautiful and functional, garlic braids will help preserve the harvest while adding a dash of old-fashioned charm to any pantry.

Free, Homemade Liquid Fertilizers
Make these easy liquid fertilizers — then sit back and watch your seedlings and plants thrive!

Healing Mallows
These flowering herbs will soothe your body’s aches and inflammations while pleasing your eyes with their prolific blooms.

Icy, Herb-Infused Granitas
This refreshing treat calls for garden ingredients and requires no specialty equipment.

Gardener’s Salve: 7 Plants for Healthy Hands
Protect your hardworking hands and use your garden’s bounty to its full extent by crafting herb-infused, soothing salves.

Himalayan Blackberries: Wicked Brambles
Yes, its fruit is delicious, but this invasive blackberry shrub has an attitude problem.

Succession Planting
Make the most of your garden space by cultivating ways to harvest fresh vegetables in all four seasons.

Heirloom Table Beets
Relish the history behind these rare, earthy, and (usually) ruby-colored edible roots.

Delightful Dill
Learn about growing, storing, and cooking with dill to take advantage of crisp dill flavor in summer dishes.

How to Attract Fireflies: Nature’s Natural Light Show
Don’t let the lights go out. Fashion a firefly sanctuary to attract these whimsical creatures to your backyard.


Field Notes
Garden Smarter, Not Harder

Mark your calendars — here are the dates to remember in summer 2017!

Botanical Bulletin
Hydroponic Farming: Organic or Not?
Empowering Botanical Farmers
Interactive Map Teaches about Legendary Ethnobotanist

Roots Rx: All About Hollyhocks
Our companions throughout history, hollyhocks are beneficial in the garden and to our health. Learn about growing hollyhocks and try recipes for a tea and skin soother.

Harvest Kitchen: Preserving Tomatoes
Learn the basics of water bath canning tomatoes, and store your crop with these simple recipes for canning tomatoes and oven-drying them.

Sage Advice
Our expert team answers readers’ questions about transplanting roses, crisp canned pickles, and where new gardeners should begin.

Herbarium: Photosynthesis for Gardeners
Photosynthesis isn’t nearly as efficient as you may think.

Family Heirlooms
Readers share stories of treasured family plants.

Check out our editors’ favorite equipment for the home and garden this season.

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