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Courtesy of Bee’s Wrap

Wrap up your harvest with the Bee’s Wrap Variety Pack, a flexible assortment of reusable food wraps made with organic cotton fabric, and covered in a thin coating of beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. There are four different wrap sizes in this pack of seven that’ll cover everything from cherry tomatoes to a loaf of fresh-baked bread. The two small wraps easily bundle small fruits, such as a handful of grapes or a whole lemon. The two medium wraps are big enough to envelop a block of cheese or cover a bowl, while the two large wraps provide enough space for half a melon. The largest wrap completely covers a casserole dish or encloses a loaf of bread. Simply clean used wraps with gentle soap in cool water, and reuse.

Editor Blair Gordon says, “This variety pack is plentiful enough that I don’t need to rely on plastic wrap anymore. I just fold up leftover cheese and onions, and the wax sticks to itself to make a seal. After unwrapping my onions, I’m amazed how crunchy they stay, and I finally have a way to sustainably seal up the fresh-baked bread from my local bakery!”

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Courtesy of Madeline Smith

Whimsical watercolor bumblebees grace the front of these Bee Notecards. With blank space inside for personal messages, Madeline Smith’s striking renderings make for memorable holiday greetings, quality thank-you notes, or inspiring birthday cards. You’ll not only be sharing your thoughts, but also offering a beautiful piece of art that’ll remind the recipient of these creatures that keep our flowers blooming and harvests thriving. The cards come wrapped in eco-friendly, recycled paper packaging.

Blair says, “I like these notecards for their versatility; I use them to send messages of love to friends and family, and to promote my affection for some of the most important insects on earth — our pollinator friends. These cards thoughtfully impart a quick, friendly note, such as, ‘Just buzzing in to say you’re the bee’s knees!’”

$7.99 for 10 cards
$12.99 for 25 cards
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Courtesy of Workman Publishing

Everyday Sanctuary, a lush brainstorming journal by Jessi Bloom, helps you plan a sacred garden space meaningful to your unique spirit. You can dive into writing prompts for self-exploration, and mindfully reflect while using guided activities centered around natural elements, such as focusing on the energies you receive from individual plants. With vivid photographic escapes into the quiet of nature, Jessi implores us to sit with plants, and find inner peace that can’t be influenced by the ups and downs of life. After collecting all of your findings, you’ll have plans for a truly meaningful garden space. This book makes a cozy winter gift for gardeners and nature lovers who want to take notes to improve next spring’s garden or sacred natural landscape.

“This journal transports me back to times when I’ve felt a connection to particular plants, and guides me forward with writing prompts on subjects such as gratitude, beginning with appreciating the flowers around me,” Blair says.

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Courtesy of Lehman’s

With Lehman’s Freestanding Cherry Pitter Machine, you’ll soon be pitting like a pro at the rate of 26 pounds of fresh cherries per hour! Now, baking homemade cherry pies will be a breeze. Cherries fill the top receptacle of the machine, and as each individual fruit rolls down the chute, you punch out the pits with the teeth of an attached stainless steel rod. The pits and sharp rod remain safely contained, while you’re free to pop juicy, pit-free cherries in your mouth, one after another, or pile them in a bowl as they exit the chute. When you’re finished, dismantle the top and bottom pieces of the machine, stick them in the dishwasher, and discard or compost the pits.

Blair says, “I was happy to finally be able to buy cherries, and fully savor them without worrying about my son swallowing the pits. I pitted a full bag of sweet cherries in less than 10 minutes, and I was left with a mound of fruit to snack on throughout the day. I even had enough left over to freeze, and blend with my morning smoothies.”


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