Recommended Garden Accessories for Spring

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The Harvest Elite 360, a round, stainless steel, countertop garden by Aerogarden, consistently produces fresh veggies and herbs five times faster than those planted in soil. Seeds sprout in hydroponic pods created by Aerogarden, and are fed by full-spectrum LED lights that can adjust up to 12 inches high for decent plant growth. Complete with reminders to refill water and add plant food, this abundant, dependable, indoor kitchen garden ships with your choice of a free seed pod kit: gourmet herbs, heirloom salad greens, cascading petunias, or red heirloom cherry tomatoes. But the fun doesn’t stop there: You can purchase plenty of other seeds on their website. Incredibly versatile, Aerogarden also offers “Grow Anything” seed pod kits for growing any seeds you want by simply assembling and labeling your own hydroponic seed pods.

Editor Haley Casey says, “I’m always sad to say goodbye to my container garden come winter, and my Aerogarden is the perfect, compact way to continue growing edibles indoors when the weather gets cold. Also, it never gets old having a continuous source of fresh salad for side dishes and lunches year-round!”


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Amend your soil for this spring’s planting with Red Bud Farm’s Organic Worm Castings, certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). This 3-pound bag of organic matter digested by worms makes for the most natural and organic fertilizer available. Better than compost, worm castings enrich the soil with beneficial bacteria and micronutrients, which not only help your plants thrive, but also protect them from disease during their most vulnerable stages of growth. They even help soil hold more air and water. Make a worm-casting tea by mixing the odorless, ultra-fine pebbles with water, or add about a third of a cup of worm castings around the base of your plants each month to deter pests.

Merchandising Manager Randy Smith says, “I harvested some amazing tomatoes and peppers this summer after using the worm castings. They’re the best organic option out there for keeping pests out of the garden. There aren’t any added chemicals, just pure, organic worm castings, and as far as we know, they’re the only OMRI-certified worm castings on the market. That’s why we decided to make them available in our Mother Earth Gardener online store.”

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The Polytunnel “Superdome”from Bio Green USA deters garden pests and extends the growing season, much like a greenhouse or cold frame. But, compared with the cost and assembly time of those other structures, the Superdome beats the competition with its stellar price and simple, portable, tent-like setup. The 2.6-foot-high, 2.3-foot-wide, and nearly 10-foot-long dome with extra insulation and wind protection allows you to start seedlings at least a few weeks before the last frost date — depending on your USDA Hardiness Zone. Its thick greenhouse film also acts as a cold frame in winter, keeping plants alive on icy nights, and provides equal protection on hotter days, as it has shading material sewn into the dome. Plus, its arched openings allow you to peek in and easily access your growing plants, and you can unzip them for extra airflow when the days start to warm up. The tunnel folds up flat in its storage container when you’re ready to put it away during the hottest peaks of summer.

Online Editorial Assistant Tyler Woodcock says, “The Superdome was incredibly easy to set up, taking no more than five minutes from bag to ground, without any pieces to assemble. When you unzip the flat bag and remove the Superdome, it immediately springs open into a tunnel. I simply pulled it taut, and staked the structure to the ground to help the carrots to overwinter here in our garden at Ogden Publications.”

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Biodegradable Plant Markers from MCG BioMarkers come in packs of 15, and they’re made of 80 percent biodegradable polyester and 20 percent organic matter. They’ll endure for years until you’re ready to compost them. The markers also come with large, weatherproof labels to write out plant names, so you won’t struggle to find your flimsy marker, or to read your tiny scribbles down the road.

Digital Content Specialist Gabby Schmitz says, “Of the many plant-labeling methods we used in our garden at Ogden Publications, these biodegradable markers withstood strong Kansas winds, intense summer heat, and the unceasing autumn rain, all without the labels fading or washing away.”

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